We take pride in our shop and the work we do. Our aim is to please our customers and make sure they are happy with their purchaces, orders and our service.

These are some of the comments and recommendations from satisfied customers.

Mags Strickland
I received the kilt pin - and it is just Perfect!!  He is going to love it!  Thank you so much.
Mags x
(one very happy bride-to-be!!!)
I love my necklace you designed and made for me from my lovely wee aunties wedding and engagement rings..,my aunt presented Dors with the art prize when she was at school a few years ago now..,she obviously spotted the amazing talent you have Dors all those years ago.. It's a pleasure to wear it.. Along with the one you made me from all my business neighbours in the Craigs .. Get yourselves along to this great shop folks.. Xxx
I'm in love with my three precious rings! Completely captured exactly what I was looking for using sentimental , family jewellery. Can't wait for the next one x x x x
Helen Clark
Hi there. Just wanted to drop you a note to I was absolutely delighted with the pendant and earrings you made. The claws you used are brilliant and almost non existent! They were stunning! Thanks for getting them ready for my anniversary it really made the night when I got them presented on a silver platter for desert!  Thanks so much. As soon as I get time I will pop in so you can see them on. Thanks again.
Lorna McLeod
Fantastic customer service. Doreen helped design some family jewellery into new pieces. Absolutely stunning and captured exactly what I wanted. Looking forward to having more jewellery made !!
Heres where we got our wedding rings. Dors jewellery is amazing. Check her out. Xx
Mairi Massa
Fantastic customer service, I have had a few pieces of jewellery melted down and redesigned over the years by Doreen and been so pleased, would highly recommend if you want something unique.
Mike Stevens
Wonderful shop with lots of gorgeous gift ideas and really helpful friendly service. I've been absolutely delighted with Ahdors bespoke jewellery design service too.
AhDors has the most beautiful jewellery, you are always guaranteed to find something really different and really special. It's a must when looking for a gift, trouble is I want everything myself!
Helen McKeich
Really great jewellery and lots more,been shopping here for ten years.well worth the drive from fife.check it out

Hi Doreen Just to say thank you for my bracelet I just love it and it goes great with my ring. Have had lots of people commenting on my jewellery and I am so happy that I'v got my bangle back on my wrist! Im hoping that my husband will be paying you a visit before Christmas!  Best wishes,

Hi Doreen, I'm actually in the process of writing you a wee card just to say thank you, Mum absolutely loved her bangle, she is delighted with it and thinks you have done a fantastic job. She was proud a punch wearing it to her party on Sat and had lots of compliments about it. Thanks, Nadine

Martine Turner

Thank you very much for remodelling my wedding  ring it is lovely and so comfortable no more pain in my finger. It means a lot to me to know that it is still “my” ring. I love the necklace too and have never had it off. I have a variety of chains that suit it so I am able to change the length as needed I am especially pleased with the size of it I expected it to be smaller this I feel makes it more versatile.Nadine is delighted with her lovely clean rings as am I.We will no doubt see you soon and we will spread the word of the great work you do and the make your own  wedding rings.Take care and thank you

Hi, I'm delighted to say that Julie did indeed say yes, and that she loves the ring. She was very pleased with it and picked up that the inspiration came from her tattoo.
We'll definitely be back to get our wedding bands, hers of course to fit in with the engagement ring and mine probably a more traditional band. Thank you for all your help, it was a pleasure and the end result was excellent.

Hi Doreen,  I received the rings today thank you so much they are great I delivered my mums and she just loves it she's beaming from ear to ear and it fits perfectly, and me...I am just sooo.. looking forward to relaxing in the sun and admiring mine!! Thanks again, Hope you both have a fantastic holiday. Linda x

It`s so  demoralising when you look in your jewellery box and there is the buckled gold bracelet , the odd gold earring , the gold ring with the missing stone, the chain that is so crooked you no longer wear it, the gold broach from your great aunt that is “so not you”...... the list is endless. You have thought about selling it but there is too much sentiment around the pieces. Think again! I had a small bundle of “sad” jewellery which Doreen remodelled into a much admired ( and surprisingly valuable) bracelet. Give Ahdors a call and arrange an informal chat to see if there is anything they could do to remodel the gold to something new and special for you or as a gift for someone special.

When my Nana passed away she left me a few hundred pounds. I wanted to spend it on something that would remind me of her, and as she always wore big jewellery, I thought a bracelet would be a fitting tribute. For months I perused jewellers windows but just could find that  something special ..............until one day I got lost in Stirling! It was then I stumbled across Ahdors and there in the window was a bracelet which ticked all the boxes. This was the first of many purchases. Dorothy. 

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